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If there is a mole on the right shoulder, it means the person is wise and can keep a secret. She has great tact and diplomacy but may withhold affection sometimes from those she loves. In men, it indicates they will fight many battles and be successful in them all. This person does not seek to acquire too many material possessions and may fail in marriage.

Wrist: A person with a mole here is usually inventive and has great ideas. Hand: moles on either hand, as long as they are not on the fingers. Indicate the person is industrious and energetic. Finger: A mole on any finger indicates the person is a thief and not to be trusted. If above the shoulder blades, the person will face many challenges but rise to defeat them.

Chest: a mole on the chest signifies the person can be extremely amourous and sensual, but she can also have a bad temper and be disagreeable. Breasts: A mole on the right breast signifies a person who is given to drinking and drugging and can have bad judgment. A mole on the left breast signifies an industrious and sober disposition, with much success in life and many children. Nipple: In a woman, it means the child she has will become famous.

Side: If there is a mole on either side near the ribs it shows a cowardly or timid disposition. The person will have a relatively easy life but not a luxurious one. They are affectionate to family and friends and loyal. Navel: A mole around the navel signifies a woman will have many children and a happy marriage. Stomach: If there is a mole on the upper half of the stomach, it shows the person will be foppish with little common sense.

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If it is on the lower belly it means the person will be one who promises a lot but performs less than expected. Nevertheless, the person will be held in high esteem. Genitals: A generous , honest and open person who is well mannered and gallant.

This person will be a lover of love rather than just sex. Groin: on the right groin denotes riches and honors, but to be accompanied by disease. On the left groin the person will have the sickness without the wealth.

Moles in Astrology

Thigh: On the right thigh, it shows a person with an agreeable temperament who is inclined to be amorous, and very courageous. On the left thigh it shows a person who is good and hardworking and with no great interest in the pleasures of love-making. Knee: On the left knee, it shows a hasty personality someone prone to taking risks and with a tendency towards extravagance, no great leaning towards honesty or modesty.

On the right knee it indicates an friendly temper, someone who is honest and successful in love with many great friends. Leg: Moles on either leg show a person who is thoughtless and given to extravagance. In general the person will have more fortune than misfortune, but will tend to remember and dwell upon the bad more than the good.

Foot: A mole on either foot shows a melancholy disposition. Very inactive and a little inclined to do anything not even follow the desires of his own heart.

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Moles on the feet frequently foretell sickness and unexpected misfortune, with much sorrow. Because of the movement of chin these people fall in love with the idea of travelling. Moles on the right side of the chin represent logical thinking and diplomatic nature whereas, moles on the left side represent a person who is straightforward, blunt and honest. This person might not be interested in material pleasures of life and will be a gifted athlete.

Moles on the right cheek denotes a sensitive and caring person who values family and the one on the left cheek represents a person who is an introvert and sort of arrogant as well. NOSE: A mole on the nose says that the person has high self-respect, is a sincere friend, and a hard-working individual. Look out for the person who has a mole on the tip of their nose, as they are often quite short-tempered. A mole on the right side of the nose means the person is passionate and, seeks more sexual activity. Whereas, a mole on the left side of the nose represents struggle. LIPS: The sexy beauty spot near the lips says that you always aspire to get ahead in life.

The Meanings of Moles

If the mole is located on the right or left corner of the upper lip, it indicates you're a foodie and are in pursuit for finer things in life. If the mole is on the lips, the person should take care of their diet as they are prone to health issues. A person with moles on their genitals is considered to be generous and honest. When in a relationship, this person will be a true lover and would expect more than just sex.

This also denotes a happy marriage and contentment with their financial situation. So sad, we can't check that on the first date.

Moles on Human Body - Vedic Astro Advice

No wait, we kind of can. But don't, we insist. It signifies the success of your children in their respective professions and throughout their lives in love, luck and wealth. A mole on the left breast denotes energy in life. HAND: Mole on the hand denote that the person is hardworking and energetic. It also indicates that such people are talented and work their way to success.